You and your partners in business

To help establish and maintain the relationship between the business and you, your partners, fellow shareholders and investors TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic input and advice on corporate law, structure, and governance in areas including:

  • the structure of your business or company and the procurement of appropriate tax advice
  • your obligations and duties as a director
  • agreements between shareholders or partners
  • corporate finance readiness read more
  • access to junior markets to obtain finance
  • environmental, social benefit and governance criteria read more
  • non-disclosure and non-circumvention agreements, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • corporate due diligence for buyers and investors and for companies preparing for sale, investment or listing read more
  • ensuring you have adequate insurance cover
  • commercial property sales and acquisitions read more

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Your employees

A thriving business needs a good relationship with committed, efficient employees who are provided with the right levels of protection and understand their rights as well as their obligations and the boundaries within which they are required to operate. TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic input and advice on employment law in areas including:

  • contracts of employment
  • executive level and consultancy agreements
  • employment policies and procedures including grievance and disciplinary procedures, whistle-blower protection and diversity and equality measures
  • employment handbook
  • related management systems
  • employment tribunals and redundancy Read More

Your suppliers and customers

Business success is built on a successful relationship with both your suppliers and customers. Taking either of them for granted is a recipe for disaster. TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic input and advice on all areas of commercial and technology law including:

  • terms and conditions
  • anti-money laundering and anti-bribery compliance
  • commercial agreement covering such areas as confidentiality, licences, franchises, leasing, reselling and outsourcing
  • the rights of consumers
  • data protection and privacy policies
  • software and IT agreements
  • website policies

You and the wider world

Growing your business requires more people to know who you are and what you do. To help you build relationships with your future customers and business allies TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic input and advice on intellectual property, patents, branding and brand protection including:

  • registration of trade marks, patents and designs
  • copyright and copyright protection
  • brand licences
  • website development and policies
  • social media issues and policies
  • strategic planning to future proof your intellectual property and associated rights

Resolving disputes

Sometimes relationships just break down or disputes arise that cannot be resolved without outside intervention. TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic input and advice on mediation, arbitration and litigation to assist in resolving all corporate and commercial disputes including:

  • partnership and shareholder disputes
  • employment related disputes including unfair dismissal, redundancy, whistle blowing and sexual, bullying and other harassment claims
  • fraud and fiduciary breaches, removal of directors, unfair prejudice claims and breaches of duties of directors
  • commercial or contractual disputes including competition law matters, force majeure, and the interpretation of all contractual obligations
  • dealing with disputes with and recovery from insurers

Social Enterprises and Charities

A social enterprise is a non-profit or for-profit organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being. Social Enterprises address social and environmental challenges in their own unique and creative ways. Founders of Social Enterprises are important because they challenge traditional business practices and find new solutions. Social entrepreneurs drive transformation in fields like education, environment and health. The key to success is for social entrepreneurs to combine the social need they have identified with entrepreneurial acumen and business skills.

A charity is an organisation with specific purposes defined in law to be charitable and is exclusively for public benefit.

Many of the services we offer to businesses in structure, finance, employee, customer and supplier relations and ESG are just as relevant to our Social Enterprise and Charity clients as are our Non-Legal Advice Services.

We can help social entrepreneurs to structure their business as a Community Interest Company to be eligible for 30% tax relief on loans and to obtain advance assurance for Social Investment Tax Relief. SITR is an incentive for investors that grants 30% tax relief on loans to Charities and Community Interest Companies.


TBC and our collaboration partners provide strategic advice and input to international as well as domestic businesses and social enterprises including multi-nationals, non-UK businesses considering investing or operating in UK and UK companies doing business internationally.

With many years of legal and business experience our lawyers and our non-legal team have an extensive network of legal and business experts and government contacts around the world and clients in diverse locations including Middle East, Australasia, North America and Africa doing business in jurisdictions such as China, India and Turkey.

We can help you to navigate your business through many different legal jurisdictions and to deal with the cultural and political nuances that arise in international transactions.