Who We Work For

Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises are the lifeblood of a dynamic economy ranging in size from Start-Ups to £50m.

If you plan to build a Small or Medium Enterprise and successfully create wealth for all its stakeholders, you need good advice about risk management and that means:

  • protecting the brand, trademarks and intellectual property
  • Trading Conditions that explain respective obligations and limit your liability are essential. There are other types of contracts that you will need to underpin your business such as agency, distribution, joint venture and numerous other circumstances where you need obligations to be defined
  • employment policies and contracts
  • appropriate corporate structure and that will include tax considerations
  • Corporate governance to deal with such things as exit, disputes, procedures as between shareholders sometimes contained within shareholders agreement s but more appropriately in bespoke articles of association

Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise as a definition includes Charities. Fundamental to most people’s wellbeing and happiness is the ability to help others who are in some way disadvantaged. Social Enterprises generate revenues for social benefit. Charities generate revenues for public benefit. They are both part of the Social Economy and need entrepreneurial skills and risk management.

Social Stock Exchange (SSX)

The Brooke Consultancy is a corporate advisor on the Social Stock Exchange. SSX is for social benefit companies. Companies that provide for investors a social impact and a return on their investment and in most cases companies will have obtained advance clearance for EIS. This means investors can have the benefit of a 30% deduction for tax or the cost can be set off against an investor’s CGT liability. The purpose of SSX is to create solid successful companies with corporate responsibility embedded in their DNA which provides social impact and a return on investment.

Social Stock Exchange