Request for Information for an Outline Foundation Review

How can you raise money for your business?

The Brooke Consultancy can provide a report which if implemented means that you will be investment ready for review by investors.  We call it an Outline Foundation Review that will deal with topics such as:

Are you using the appropriate vehicle for your business?
Corporate governance which deals with how you run your business e.g. can a shareholder sell shares or what happens if a shareholder dies?
Employment policies implamenting procedures and contracts.
Trading conditions that make your and your clients’ / customers’ obligations clear.
How to protect your Intellectual Property Rights and the importance of the issue of branding

The purpose of the Outline Foundation Review is to plug into your business the fundamentals for growth and to enable you to manage risk.  Any investor will want to see these issues dealt with before considering investing.

If you want to raise money for your business you will need an Outline Foundation Review.

Outline Foundation Review

I am in the business of

My present financials are

Turnover (£)

Overhead (£)

Gross Profit (£)

NetProfit (£)

I want the financials for my business over the next 2 years to be

  2014 2015
Turnover (£)
Overhead (£)
Gross Profit (£)
NetProfit (£)

My objectives short, medium and long term are

Next 12 months

Next 24 months

In 5 years

The areas of business where I want help are

My name is

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