Organising a Flash Mob: Do’s and Don’ts

The aim of flash mob is to be a public spectacle, drawing attention to a specific cause or charity. Imagine a group of people appearing in a public location unexpectedly, performing something eye-catchy. The Flash Mob performances are usually rehearsed elsewhere.

Flash Mob Location: Choose Wisely

Flash Mob Location: Choose Wisely

Flash Mob Locations

It is likely you will surprise anyone in charge of security, where the event will take place – unless you inform them about your flash mob beforehand. The problem arising here is as follows: Surprised people can be unpredictable. Bear in mind, the current United Kingdom threat level is ‘Severe’. It is very important that you avoid alarming or angering the Public, who may be in a hurry to reach their destinations. Among other things, depending on the location, the event could cause an accident - for example a person could step into or being pushed into nearby traffic by a sudden surge in the crowd. Accordingly, you should choose the location of an event with great care. Avoid places that appear to receive special attention from the Police such as Public Transport. Railway stations platforms and trains, Tube stations platforms and trains, Bus stations and buses might be a bad choice as they are ‘choke points’. Don’t use Trafalgar Square, Whitehall, Parliament Square and other sensitive locations without obtaining permission.


The main issues are not to commit trespass, go into private property, or obstruct the public highway. You must contact the relevant local authority/owner or manager of the land to get permission and you need to contact the local police. Obtaining acknowledgements by way of letter would be best but that may take time so we recommend writing a confirmatory letter to whoever you have contacted confirming notification/grant of permission. Then if you are approached at the Event, you can produce the letter.

Flash Mob Participants

You should chose the Flash Mob participants. Do not invite people via the internet to participate as that may attract elements who want to use your Flash Mob event for their own purposes.

Flash Mob: Music Choices and Filming

Consider music licensing if you intend to use music during your Flash Mob event and intellectual property rights if you intend filming and publishing the Event on line.

Contact us for legal advice if you intend to organise a Flash Mob.

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