TBC Corporate Advisers on SSX

Good news for all investors seeking social investments: The Brooke Consultancy have been appointed a Corporate Adviser to the Social Stock Exchange to provide legal and social impact advice to issuers on SSX.

The Social Stock Exchange, launched in June 2013 by twelve founder members, is a public platform for trading shares and raising equity finance for companies that can demonstrate social benefit. People interested in buying shares in social enterprises with aims that align with theirs have the opportunity to do so via SSX.

The Expertise Provided by The Brooke Consultancy

The Brooke Consultancy is a corporate adviser providing legal and social impact advice to clients on both, SSX membership and the raising of capital by way of Private Placements or Initial Public Offer on the SSX public market that is a segment of The ISDX Market. SSX members are organisations whose core activities have environmental or social impact.

Impact Investors and others will be provided with a marketable security that they can hold in order to obtain the benefit of EIS relief or sell on the SSX market.

The main advantage is the creation of a solid, successful company with corporate responsibility embedded in its DNA that provides a return on investment to investors and which has social impact.

Ruby Sandhu, the principal of RSC Collaboration, is a consultancy with whom the Brooke Consultancy collaborates in the areas of SSX, the writing of Social Impact Reports and mediation.

The Brooke Consultancy already introduced a client to SSX that has been provisionally accepted for membership of The SSX Market.

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