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Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) A help or a hindrance?

We thought we knew what a Social Enterprise was and the social economy, as a whole, was growing nicely until government decided to tell us what a Social Enterprise is.  They introduced Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) and said that … Continue reading

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CICs, Charities and SITR

A Community Interest Company (a CIC) is a limited company designed by statute as a vehicle for social enterprise. It must have a special constitution specifying the social aims and containing: a restriction on the transfer of assets out of … Continue reading

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To be a CIC, Charity or Hybrid - that is the question.

If you are scratching your head about what vehicle to use, a CIC or a Charity why not try a Hybrid, that’s the structure that generates revenue for social benefit and that also has an eye on creating value from … Continue reading

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