The Changing Face of the Practice of Law

During the period I’ve been a solicitor, the practice of the law has changed beyond recognition particularly in the area of competition. At one time if you gave out too many business cards you were likely to be reported to the Law Society, probably by other solicitors, for “touting”. In the late 70s I wanted to have new artists works displayed in the office to help artists by inviting clients and contacts to view the art and buy. When I checked with The Law Society, that was prohibited on the grounds that it would attract people into our building who would not normally go there.

Since deregulation and the implementation of strict compliance regulations, we find ourselves in competition in most areas of the law with other business people, for example with American invaders like Rocket Lawyer that provides online legal services from San Francisco and LegalZoom offering an online subscription service for documents.

In fact I welcome that competition to Small and Medium Enterprises who are The Brooke Consultancy’s target market because my clients don’t want to sit down with a document that may or may not be appropriate and complete it no matter how cheap it is. It’s not their idea of a value added legal service. SMEs want to get on with marketing and selling and generating profits.

The Brooke Consultancy provides a value added legal service to help SMEs grow and additionally works in collaboration with others in the financial services sector to provide Business Advice in the Round so TBC clients are better equipped to compete with other businesses in their sector.

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